3 of 3: Searching (Print)

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We are always searching but never satisfied. Always seeking resolution and never gratified. Always seeking out the exuberant and foreign places, full of mysteries and stories to uncover and find. These stories have been locked up and buried beneath these floors and these stories have been exhumed never to be restored. These places give you a inside look into a world that does not function like the rest. This is a world with its own rules, and will remind you that it owes you nothing but uncertainty and death.

You are at its disposal, and it does not FEAR you, but it is you that FEARS it. Around every corner is something new and unexpected, around every corner you find yourself stoping to catch a breath. Every step taken is another step celebrated, but you play by its rules and listen to it wisely, and you talk to it softly and whisper to it, “please don’t hurt me.”

You build a relationship with these places only to tell their stories, not to disrespect it in hopes of fame or glory. If only we could see the footsteps that once walked these pews, an image of lightheartedness would be exposed. As you scan the room looking to explore, your flashlight lands on a door. You stop for a minute and think “how will we get through there, and what’s left to explore?”

The FEAR of the unknown.

FEAR: An Homage To All Things That Go Bump In The Night
Sept 28th – Oct 28th
Maxwell Colette Gallery
908 N. Ashland

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Dimensions 17 x 11 in


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