Unidentified Flying Objects. When I got to Mt. Laguna, about 45 miles into the hike, we were greeted with a number of establishments that catered to hikers. As I walked around the small town I noticed some flyers stapled to a bulletin board across the way. Naturally my curiosity lead me to them, and I noticed one of the flyers were a bit different than the others. This flyer had a small illustration of what looked like a small one-man personal aircraft, complete with a drawing of a man believed to be steering the aircraft. I read on, and the flyer warned of sightings in the area of the aircraft and explained that it was smuggling drugs into the country and to report any sightings seen. It explained that when approaching the aircraft reportedly sounded like a lawn mower.

I thought this was strange but hiked north for another two days from Mount Laguna. That night I set my alarm for midnight, as I was told there would be a lunar eclipse turning the moon a blood red color. I woke and was amazed by the sight of a red moon rising over the horizon. After taking a million photos, I sat there for a bit and admired this rare sight and then I heard something strange in the distance approaching. It sounded kind of like … a lawn mower. I thought “NO WAY! No way is this the aircraft I read about earlier!” That would just be to insane to see on the same night of a lunar eclipse.

After about 30 minutes the aircraft got louder and came into view. It was loud and flying very low, and had one little white light on the back of it blinking periodically. Also there was what looked like a small figure steering it. It was pretty far off in the distance and I tried to get some photos of it but sadly I had poor results and didn’t catch anything clear enough to make out. I tried waking up the two guys I was hiking with, but both didn’t seem interested in the strange oddities in the night sky, but I am pretty sure in my first week of hiking The Pacific Crest Trail I witnessed drugs being smuggled into the country in the sketchiest way possible. I will never forget the sound it made as it screamed across the blood red sky of the desert that night. #pacificcresttrail

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  • George Crain says:

    Love this story!

    This type of thing happened to me in southeastern Oklahoma once upon a time. And interestingly enough, I was shooting long exposures of Polaris with my Nikon FM and some 25 iso Kodachrome – all on a tripod that must have weighed 30 freakin’ pounds….

    George Crain

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