Eternity in an Hour



Every print is hand numbered and signed. Full size download link included with purchase. I have partnered with PrintLab here in Chicago, who take a ton of pride in the prints they produce, printing on museum quality papers to give it the extra special attention to detail.

Product Description

Woke at 4am to leave Chicago with @thee1ginger and drive 8 hours to The Apostle Islands in Wisconsin to explore the rare and illustrious ice caves. Hiked 14 miles on a frozen Lake Superior to explore the frozen caves and amazing rock formations formed by years of erosion from the waters that typically occupy this space. A completely and surreal experience to feel so isolated in a frozen world so vast. After watching the sunset on the frozen lake we headed back to the car to start our 8 hour drive back to Chicago. We got back to the city at 4am the next day, making for a full 24 hour day of adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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