1 of 3 : Found (Framed)


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As I entered the mud covered basement floor of an abandoned factory in Gary, Indiana; my heart started pounding as if it was about explode through my rib cage and out of my chest. I slowly moved around trying not to make much noise in FEAR that I would find a junkie or even something if the super natural sense.

A second set I stairs presented its self as if it was inviting me one level lower. As I trekked deeper below ground, I felt the air change and become much more stale and stagnant. When I reached the bottom two rooms sat divided but a concrete wall forcing me to make a decision.

After a moment to collect my thoughts the choice that I made was “Go right, it feels better”. Entering the room I noticed a mirror on the far wall. I started walking towards the end of the room and turned on my flashlight and pointed right at the mirror to find my reflection stating right back at me.

When you find yourself in a situation like this all logic starts to fade as FEAR takes over. No longer are you a rational person, but a visitor in a unknown alternate world. Considering the above, as I saw my reflection the only thing that crossed my mind was “THATS ANOTHER PERSON IN THE ROOM WITH ME!” I quickly shouted out and threw my flashlight behind me as if that was going to be a deterrent to my new found friend in the room with me.

After a minute to collect myself and realizing that it was just my reflection, I decided that was one of the best depictions of FEAR that I have encountered. I immediately set up my camera gear to recreate the scene that almost had me running out if there screaming.

The FEAR with in yourself.

FEAR: An Homage To All Things That Go Bump In The Night
September 28th
6 – 10pm
Maxwell Colette Gallery
908 N. Ashland

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Dimensions 19 x 13 in


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