We have started our trek out west via the RV and our first stop was the baffling landscapes of The Badlands. This place did not fail too throw every possible scenario at us. As we made our approach to Badlands National Park, South Dakota, we were immediately presented with snow. Not just any kind of snow, but a blizzard of sorts that was literally just spiraling over the entire area of the badlands. Being from Chicago, I typically try my hardest to avoid snow when I can, but in this circumstance I felt it really added a mysterious vibe to the whole area. An area I totally underestimated, The Badlands are nothing to take lightly.

When we got to the gat eof the Badlands National Park, I asked the ranger there if the snow was normal during this time of year. She promptly responded with a “Ohhhh NO, this is far from the norm, but I guess thats North Dakota for yah. We had a chuckle at her response and headed into the park ready for anything it was going to serve up for us. We got out pretty much right away to take photos and were greeted with mud everywhere from the soaking wet snow falling from overhead. If this is what to expect from the rest of the trip, then I say bring it on!

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